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Our furnished apartments services

General equipment of the
Furnished Apartments in Brussels.

Our studios and apartments are fully-equipped :

  • Kitchen : comes with all that is needed, often with a dishwasher and washer/dryer where possible. Certain studios may have to use a common facility in the house.
  • Full bathroom/shower
  • Private toilet (always)
  • Sofa beds are mostly present for your visitors
  • Bed linen is always new upon arrival

Communication and TV

Proximus VDSL fast WIFI Internet.

Fixed telephone lines are pre-installed in some of the houses and can be activated on demand.


You are totally covered in case of damages caused by fire and water, although an excess applies if you are found responsible. 


There is no service foreseen for handling private property.
Technical service is at your disposal : available at all times upon request. In certain cases, costs will be billed to the tenant.

Fantasion Urban Housing and Kyoto

All our apartments are fully insulated, including double-glazed windows and roofs. Apartments are heated by condensation gas heaters from Viessmann (Germany). Therefore, we do as much as we can to keep energy usage low, and in turn CO2 emissions. 


All consumptions (water, electricity, gas) are indicated by separate meters. Where there are meters supplied by energy companies, the bills will be issued directly by those companies to the tenants. In most cases Fantasio Urban Housing will issue these bills.

Entrance and exit procedures

At the entrance and at the exit an expert survey will be performed by an independent expert. The expert will make a comprehensive report for the apartment in order to avoid unnecessary discussions. He will also certify the consumption meters.


When an apartment is indicated as available, you can reserve at distance. If you send a message to Fantasio Urban Housing with the required information, including length of stay and date of arrival you will receive an immediate response.

Reservations will only be accepted upon the payment of the first months rent. Rental periods start at the beginning of a month and end on the last day of the month. The apartement has to be vacated at 10 am. We normally accept rentals for a one year period ; however our smaller studios and apartments can often be rented for shorter time. 
We can send you all bank information (IBAN and BIC) and the rental contract, including extensive explanations of it.  Please do not hesitate to phone us for extra information.

All details are noted in our Reservation In Advance page.


A guarantee or deposit of 2 months rent and fees will have to be provided upon arrival.

Late arrivals

Late arrivals are possible because the front doors are equipped with codes that will be provided at the time of your reservation.

Pricing Structure


Part 1: Base Rent

Rental price per month, valid for contracts of 12 months, 6 months or 3 months as listed in the apartment description.

Amount : See apartment description.

Part 2: Short term

For stays shorter than 12 months, 6 months or 3 months - depending on the specification in the apartment description, and acceptance by the management - an extra 15% is added to the base rent.
As a general rule, when a short term contract ends for example in July or November, an extra 15% will be surcharged. When ending in August or October, the surcharge will be 10% and if the contract ends in September or December only 5% is added. These values can be slightly different in certain cases. The Rent Calculator for each apartment takes these variations into account.

Every situation is different, so our proposals can be specific to your requests.


Part 3: Flat fee

Includes insurance, cleaning, taxes, cable TV, adsl, use of washing machines where common.

The flat fee is priced in the advantage of the tenant and all price reductions obtained by Fantasio Urban Housing are always to the benefit of our tenants.

Part 4: Provision

Covers a portion of the consumptions of electricity, water and gas. 

Price Changes

Although we do our very best to minimise changes to the prices on this website, Fantasio Urban Housing keeps the right to change all prices at any time without prior notice. Also pricing on this site should be used as an indicator and Fantasio Urban Housing cannot be held accountable for changes and/or errors.


The images displayed on this site are also indicative. The decoration of the apartment of your choice may have changed slightly since we took those pictures. Nothing beats a personal visit, so feel free to make an appointment. We have to inform you that for privacy reasons we do not visit occupied furnished apartments.

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