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Feels like home to me
A personal touch
No doubt you will be pleased
Try and will want to stay forever
An exquisite taste
Satisfaction and attention
Ideal location
Outstanding service
Unique look for details
Right place, right time, right people
Bright and spacious
Amazing atmosphere
Nothing to want more once you are in
House of your dream
Organised in every detail
Unbeatable originality
Safe and cosy
Intelligent approach
Neighbourly and friendly
Gorgeous and not to be missed

Nevyana Nekova

I lived in Brussels for close to a year and stayed in two of Mr. Didier Ottoy's accomodations. The studio and the apartment were ideally located in the European disctrict. Didier had a customer oriented approach and everything went smoothly. He is always available and ready to offer solutions to any issues that may arise. Hence, it was only natural that I recommended him on different occasions to 5 friends. I wanted them to feel at home in Brussels and I knew that Didier could help. In addition, it is with great satisfaction that I can state that they never shared any negative feedback after using Didier's services.

I would definitely continue to recommend his business to any of my friend visiting Brussels for a short or long term.

Moctar B. Diouf

I'm a chef, and in my job, it's really important to have lots of different experiences, and to live abroad, to travel and meet new cultures...I am from Rio de Janeiro, but I was living in São Paulo when a friend invited me to work with him at this famous restaurant in Brussels. Comme Chez Soi. So I looked it up on the internet, it was a 3 stars by Michelin, so it was the best opportunity that had ever happened to me...with no doubt, I packed my bags and without knowing anyone in the city, except from my friend, without a place to stay, just with courage and my wish to learn and grow in my carrer.

When I was already there, I started to look for apartments, as after a long search, I had found the perfect one. That's when I met Didier.

He was so nice and kind, he showed me 3 different places, and I chose the one I love the most. Rue de Spa. Lovely place, great location, and I am a hundred per cent sure that the apartment was one of the best things in my hole experience while in Belgium.

And I know I was a baaaad lodger, I mean, I was all alone in the city, I had a couple of friends, and a boyfriend and family in Brazil...so I needed the internet, and I literally called and emailed Didier every time I needed help and he was always so patient.

Unfortunately, I had to come back to Brazil, and he was also very comprehensive and helped me in every way he could.
We kept in touch, and I undoubtedly recommend him as a tenant and also as a good friend!
He is the best!

Estela Carrara

I lived for one full year at one of Didier´s wonderful apartments in Rue du gouvernement provisoire. I moved because I changed jobs, otherwise I would have stayed there, the location was perfect, the apartment was great, and the landlord (Didier) is the best!
The apartment is very well furnished, clean and refurbished. There is no “catch” after you sign the contract and when you leave the apartment and if you have any technical problem it is immediately solved. Great professional.

Lina El Tayan